About Best SEO Web Design Services

My name is Dave Clark and I’ve been building websites and performing search engine optimization since 2002. Over the years I’ve built 100′s of websites for small businesses, niche markets and for personal use.

The question of about web design choices and styles and so on is of course important, however my emphasis is on a holistic approach to Internet marketing.

I do everything I can to build you a professional looking website that shows up on search engines and converts website visitors into potential clients who call you, email you or purchase something from you online.

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When we talk about web design, From our very first conversation, I’ll be discovering all I can about your business, such as what do you do, or what do you sell, where do you do this at i.e.; locally in your neighborhood, regionally, nationwide? I do a lot of research before your web project begins. I’ll do a quick trademark search and let you know the results.

If you’ve already decided on a business name or domain name, I’ll perform a few searches of my own to see if you have any competitors that might cause trouble for you. I’ll help you determine your demographics including who you’re primarily targeting your Internet marketing to.


When it comes to having a well performing website that generates leads or translates into revenue for you, its important to consider all the aspects of Internet marketing to figure out exactly what you’ll need and can fit in your budget.

A great website is only the beginning.

There’s also social media networking, getting your site listed on other websites, looking into paid advertising online or in print if need be, etc. I’ll try my best to help you narrow down what you need to make your project a success.

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